For 23 years now, Arcadian has produced one-off specialty homes. The homes are so specific to a single client and a single site that none have been reproduced. Molded to client driven criteria, functionality is honed, and proportions are painstakingly sculpted inside and out. Arcadian is a one man operation. I love every step of the process, I delve into understanding individual client needs, and I take pride in producing wonderfully proportioned pieces of sculpture that you can live in.

Designing to serve Michigan families, my design work ranges from 900 to 9000 square feet. One family, one site, and one budget merged into a one-off design solution. That's the entirety of what Arcadian is.

Mission Statement

Arcadian is committed to the highest standards of design excellence, client service, and professional ethics through the fulfillment of the two primary objectives:

  • To provide original, thoughtful, appropriate, and creative design solutions tailored to specific family requirements and desires. 
  • To protect client interests through the consistency of single source design, construction documents, structural engineering, and construction supervision. 


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We want to tell you how thoroughly thrilled we are with the beautiful, magnificent home you designed for us. And, we want to you to know that no matter where we go or who comes over, people are always asking us: Who designed you home? They absolutely love it!

Our home is so perfect for us and for the lot -- it couldn't have turned out better. The way you worked with us so diligently was wonderful. We had never built before and you really took a lot of time with us even before you started drawing anything on paper. We really appreciated the fate that you wanted to know what "WE" liked, how we lived, if we entertained, etc. -- very important criteria before designing a home for someone. Thank goodness for the referral to you.

We are so happy and thoroughly satisfied with our home. Thanks again for everything.

One   / One

My wife and I had a life long dream to build a special home for us in a most beautiful setting in the county. After more than twenty years of this dream, we finally found the perfect property that we had been waiting for. As anyone can imagine, after waiting this long, we wanted the design of the house to be perfect as well. We had searched many sources for home design and had just about given up when we found Dennis Dinser.

Mr. Dinser made several trips to our home to discuss the details of the design of our new home. He was extremely helpful in guiding us through this process. Dennis even took the time to go the building site so that he could see first hand what we were trying to do and wanted to accomplish. Please keep in mind that Dennis made these trips from Livonia to Dundee at our convenience which usually meant giving up his Sundays.

After several design and floor plan changes, Dennis went to work on the details that make a house a home. His attention to detail and his ability to listen to our needs has indeed made this dream home for us. He has even made several follow up trips to our building site to make sure the integrity of the construction was being adhered to on his own time. Dennis has also been a valuable source for construction material and detail material to help us get that special look that we wanted.

It is therefore my pleasure to give Dennis Dinser the highest recommendation that is possible. I would have him design another house for me and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in building a new home.

Two   / Two

We are very pleased with the design of our new home and would not hesitate to retain Dennis to design our next home. He was very professional in everything he did, and everything was done in a timely fashion. Dennis made himself available during the construction phase to assist or answer questions that came up during that time. He also made several visits to the site to assure that things were being done correctly.

My wife and I can attest to the moral character and fiber of Dennis Dinser as being of the highest quality on both, a personal and professional level.

To any prospective new clients let this letter serve as a letter of recommendation and attest to our highest regards for Dennis Dinser.

Three   / Three


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