An one-off custom design residence provides the only assurance of achieving a home and lifestyle thoughtfully tailored to the specifications of your family, and to the opportunities or restraints of your particular site.

I limit my design studio to residences and draw five to seven homes per year. I can afford to spend time and effort needed to pursue the minutia of individual family requirements and wishes. A viewing of my portfolio will bear this out.

​Yes! Demanding sites generate the most unique homes and most of my work involves rigorous sites. They require care, effort, and experience, but without fail lead to homes of strong character.

You are paying for the right to own an one-off design within twenty miles of your home-site. The idea, however, remains my own. So a home designed in Brighton, for example, could be resold and rebuilt in Petoskey. My homes to date have all been highly specialized, and thus, have never been duplicated.

Unlimited. I consider it my obligation to conduct an extensive pre-design interview to clearly define your goals. Once we begin, your critique of design sketches will provide speedy guidance.

Yes. We're on site every seven to eight working days during rough constructions, and every third week thereafter. I'm always available for you and your builders' phone calls and meetings.

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